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LACTEASE relieves breast pain &
congestion for breastfeeding MOMS!

LACTEASE is an amazing herbal oil that is applied externally to breast tissue for relief of breast congestion and pain. During breastfeeding, it is not uncommon for milk ducts to become over-distended with milk at some point and for the breast to become swollen and extremely painful! This is especially true if you miss a feeding or forget to pump your breasts which can easily happen. Once the tissue is over-distended, it can be difficult to get the tissue to return to its normal size as well as get rid of the pain. Eventually if the swelling does not resolve, the breast tissue can become infected. The medical term for an infection of the breast is mastitis. Typical treatment is antibiotics.

LACTEASE is an all natural, herbal oil product that is rubbed on to the breast to relieve swollen milk ducts and alleviate pain. Lactease works quickly, and it is very easy to use. We strongly recommend that all breastfeeding Moms have a bottle of LACTEASE on hand so that they can begin treatment immediately if this condition occurs with them. Immediate treatment helps prevent mastitis. If you can avoid mastitis from occurring, then you won't have to take antibiotics as well as expose your baby to antibiotics via your breast milk.

LACTEASE also works extremely well for women that have painful breast lumps. The most common cause of painful breast lumps is a condition known as fibrocystic breast disease. Again, all you have to do is rub LACTEASE on the affected breast tissue and relief from the pain is obtained quickly.

Ingredients: Arnica montana, Calendula officinalis, Hypericum perfoliatum, Phytolacca americana and Verbascum thaspus in olive oil.

Price: $14.95 for a 1 ounce spray bottle of LACTEASE.

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